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Squamish Interiors principal Designer, Jessica Routhier, graduated in 2009 from a 3 year College Diploma in Quebec and has been in the industry ever since. She's worked with international clients, renowned architects & award winning contractors.

In addition to creating interior spaces using design principles such as functionality and aesthetics, Jessica is currently expanding her focus to include environmental considerations.

Teaming up with GNAR inc, a sustainable building design studio located in Whistler has been beneficial to

further her eco concious design focus.


  Jessica has also collaborated with various local contractors over the years and has gained invaluable onsite experience with trades. With a background in project estimating and coordinating Jessica is able to expand beyond interior design services. Budgets, schedules, procurements, client communications and quality verifications throughout projects are just a few details that past clients have appreciated from her services.

From large-scale projects to quick fixes, Jessica is passionate about refining any space and

helping clients navigate through the process.

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